A little bit about me...

I am John Murray, and I have been buying, selling, and developing Real Estate in Massachusetts since 1996.  As a licensed agent and full time Realtor, I take financing, marketing, closing the sale & changes in Real Estate Laws very seriously. I share this knowledge with clients to promote the best possible outcomes for them. I have degrees in Engineering and significant experience working with clients to bring their designs to life.   

"Friends and clients tell me frequently that they love to work with me because I am so willing to go the extra mile for them to help them achieve their goals. Goals that can be both personally and financially rewarding."

Moreover, being a loving father of two college graduates has made me exhausted, (lol) but also allowed me to appreciate the importance of helping others, and the happiness that comes from seeing other people achieve and succeed. That’s why I’m devoted to not just providing great services but also maintaining meaningful relationships within my community.

By choosing me as your next real estate advisor, whether it is your house, second home, or an investment in 50+ apartments, I will work tirelessly until I get the best possible price and terms acceptable to YOU!