A little bit about me...

The Tale of 2 Realtors® 

I have been a Realtor for 18 years  and as I reflect back to what brought me to this career, I remember that it all started with my own personal experience with 2 very different Realtors.

When buying our first home the listing agent also represented me and my husband and he fell very short when it came to customer service. By the end of the transaction my nickname for him was “Mr. Short Cut”. I won’t bore you with all the details but the last straw was during the walk thru prior to closing, the sellers had removed the overhead light, which we had agreed to, but they were supposed to replace it with a new light. They didn’t and all that was left were wires. We spent the first week cooking and cleaning by the light of a table lamp.

Fast forward 5 years, we now have 2 dogs, 3 children, including twins, and we are short a bedroom. The choice is to buy a larger home or add on to our current home. I called a local real estate office and had the good fortune to meet Molly, who was a mother, grandmother and the perfect person to go on this journey with us. She was patient, kind, honest and she was my inspiration to become a Realtor.  I wanted to provide the same care and service that she gave to us. Heck, she even carried one of the twins at all the showings since they were not walking yet.

In the end we did not buy a larger home, we decided to add on to our own home. In the 20+ years we have owned our home, we have literally doubled the square footage, and have experienced the good, the bad and the extremely stressful aspects of working with contractors and sub-contractors, which is what lead me to earn a certification in new home construction. I believe those experiences give me a unique perspective to help guide a client through the construction process.  Empathy, problem solving, anticipating next steps, communicating effectively with the builder and patience are key qualities for new construction.

Whether you are selling a home, looking to buy an existing home or building your dream home my only objective is to provide you with premier service and guidance and always keep your best interest at heart.


"Would hire her again! Mary Ellen was wonderful. Very attentive to my needs, which I felt was important considering I had a lot of stuff going on. She was also patient and explained every-thing. I was really worn out from dealing with this house and she got me through it."

  -Marsha G., Client

"Fantastic Selling Experience with Mary Ellen Mary Ellen was a delight to work with. I felt like I was working with a friend that I have known for years. We spent a lot of time talking and deciding the best approach to stage each room. She always made sure we were comfortable with the choices we were making. She even helped move furniture around, making our job so much easier. She shared her knowledge of the financial process and we were never left with question or unsure how to proceed. She walked us through every step of the process and it couldn't have been easier. I would recommend Mary Ellen to anyone selling their home that wants a satisfying and comfortable experience. "

  -Melissa and John F., Client

"My experience with Mary Ellen was incredible. Not only was she there every step of the way, I literally called her many times at the very last minute for a showing and she made it happen. Couldn't have asked for a more accommodating agent as well as a wonderful person. Highly recommended. "

  -Mark P., Client

"I call that above and beyond being our agent. I call that being a friend. Mary Ellen's dedication, commitment & excellent sense of humor shines through. On one of our first trips together to view homes, we were driving, in separate cars, when Mary Ellen stopped unexpectedly so I did as well as did another car on the opposite side of the road. I looked to my right and saw a huge black bear meandering across the road without a care in the world. Now, we are New Yorkers, and can handle the various vermin that come along with city living, but I'd never seen a black bear the size of a house! When we arrived at the next location Mary Ellen coolly looked at me and laughed, "Did you see that bear?" I said, "How could I miss it! Okay, new rule. We want a new home that is less urban than NYC but let's focus somewhere between NYC and the Connecticut black bear population!" And Mary Ellen delivered. We thank her for our new home, her kindness and are pleased to recommend her services to everyone!"

  -Adriana and Andy - Continued!, Client

"I trusted Mary Ellen every step of the way and felt like she had our best interest at heart. She was proactive, honest, and hard-working. I recommend her to anyone looking for support and perseverance throughout the extremely stressful process of buying and selling a home. You won't be disappointed! "

  -Eileen M., Client

"Mary Ellen has been so helpful that words cannot express how much we appreciate her being our Realtor! She was recommended to us by a close friend who is a mortgage banker, and I'm so happy that I checked with my friend before doing a search of my own. Mary Ellen's knowledge has been a godsend to us. We have never sold a house before, and looked to Mary Ellen to guide and advise us along the way. She was done this and more. Her advice and negotiation skills have been top notch and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She returns calls and emails promptly, and has gone above and beyond what I thought a realtor's job was."

  -Dawn D., Client

"Awesome real estate agent. Mary Ellen Maloney got us into our first house 10 years ago, and recently sold that same house and got us into our new house all within 90 days. She had 5 competing offers on our house within 2 days of listing, even before our open house. Mary Ellen and her team know the business inside and out, and will move your house fast and get you into your forever home even faster once you've found what you've been looking for. They are very knowledgeable, even down to the inspections, appraisals, getting the house ready for showing, negotiating, and everything in between. Highly recommended"

  -Tom M., Client

"Mary Ellen Maloney was everything my previous realtor wasn't - energetic, understanding of my situation, attentive to my needs, directive without being pushy, and most of all a calming voice through an extremely stressful journey. She had contacts or referrals for virtually every professional service I needed to prepare my home to be shown, and a good portion of it came out of her commission. I had many questions - legitimate and hypothetical - and she had honest, thoughtful answers. Mary Ellen always had an eye on the next step of the process to ensure that there were no surprises. I had not been involved in a home transaction in 17 years, but she talked me through the newer technological aspects and the logistical challenges presented by the pandemic. She also made time in her busy schedule to help me find an apartment suitable to my desire to downsize. All the way to the day of the closing, she was still resolving issues to make sure the deal was finalized. She is a star!"

  -Chris B., Client

"Hi Mary Ellen, Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all your help during the last few months. You made things go very smoothly and I really appreciate not only your efforts, but also your advice during the process. And, thank you for the gift cards – they definitely will come in handy! Sorry I missed you yesterday…I was at Home Depot when you stopped by. You didn’t have to, but thank you for still caring after the purchase was complete. Miguel and Jenny are very excited, and I feel good about the investment. If I can help with anything at all, such as a reference or whatever, please don’t hesitate to call on me! "

  -Steve B., Client

"Hi Mary Ellen, I was hoping to run into you yesterday. I wanted to thank you for all that you have done. I know that this was not one of the easiest sales. You've conducted yourself professionally, ethically, and with 100% commitment in selling my home. I had the pleasure of meeting the buyers yesterday. I'm glad that I did. They truly appreciate the home and appear that they will make wonderful stewards. As you've probably heard, it was a hectic couple of days. Again, thank you for everything. I wish you well. "

  -David, Client

"It is with an endless pleasure I recommend Mary Ellen to anyone that is planning purchasing a home. She is one of the most reliable, thorough and professional people that you can take with you on the journey of buying a home. What you will see is her walking the extra mile, over and over again, making sure every alternative and goal is met. She additionally has the gift of stepping into other people’s situation and through this understand much of the needs. She will do a lot of thinking "for you" and give you facts, options and research findings. When I met Mary Ellen I thought she was "a realtor wanting to sell me a house, any house, at any time, to any cost" but I was deeply mistaken. I received service beyond my wildest imagination and Mary Ellen has all my respect and gratitude and always will."

  -Katarina A., Client

"This was the SECOND time we used Mary Ellen. What can I say about her? Well she was ALWAYS available, she was ALWAYS helpful with questions, and she is VERY knowledgeable about the area and her business! Mary Ellen is always patient which was probably needed on occasion with my family and I! Unfortunately, this being our hopeful forever home now, I may never need her services ever again but I could not recommend any realtor more than her! Thank you Mary Ellen!! "

  -Stephen and Gabriela L., Client